Mountains and River Festival

Aberfoyle Lodge

Thu Mar 2nd 2017 to Sun Mar 5th 2017 at 15:00 until 09:00
, Zimbabwe, Honde-Valley
Aberfoyle Lodge

Event Details

Hey you yes you, do you love the mountains? Rivers? Are you a kayaker? Thrill seeker? Adventurer? Rafting enthusiast? Outdoorsperson? How about festival maniac? Well we love all these things and we want to share the place we love to the world! We want you to be a part of our first mountainsandriversfestival. 4 days of fun! Four days of playing in our play ground! Let's celebrate the rains, water the mountains, let's celebrate life!

What is involved - Basically this is a White Water Festival with White Water Rafting, White Water Kayaking, Kayaking lessons for begginers and a few other fun things in between including a hike, a 10 metre bum slide, live music and lots more adventurous activities. This is not just for those expereinced White Water enthusiasts but also for anyone who would like to learn how to kayak or raft as well as for families of all ages.

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