Post Lockdown Inspiration Diaries - 7 Benefits Of Traveling

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One of the biggest lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that our day to day lives are very fast-paced. This is true for many people around the world which has made the government imposed isolation periods difficult to adjust to. Having to slow down and put many of our plans on hold has helped us to appreciate the privilege of free movement and now we reflect on the benefits of travel. Our goal is to inspire you to schedule some travel time.  

Travelling is eye-opening
Travelling gives you a fresh perspective of the world around you. Going to new environment opens one to how other people live and how the world around us works; this applies to nature, technology and culture. You can learn about ancient civilisations when you visit the Khami Ruins or find out about the history of the Railroad at the Railway Museum in Bulawayo for example. When you take a trip to different countries one gets the opportunity to verify information that is provided by others in certain places or people groups. For example, Zimbabwe has been unfortunate to receive a lot of bad press in the past, particularly in the western world and not all of it is true. Visitors are welcome to see for themselves that it is a beautiful country with warm people and the Victoria Falls are not drying up. 

Travel therapy
Travelling is a therapy for the mind, body and soul. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of mental pressure, emotional strain and for some being cooped up has not been a healthy option. Travel gives people the opportunity to stretch their muscles, and it provides much needed fresh air. Going to a new place and just being outdoors invigorates the mind. Fresh air and sunshine have been known to do wonders to people suffering from anxiety or depression. After being indoors for a number of weeks a road trip will be very refreshing. Take in some country air in Mavuradonha or Binga for a memorable breather.
Quality time
Travelling is a good way to spend some quality time with your family, your spouse or your friends. Whether you are going on your annual vacation, a road trip or camping weekend, group trips are always fun. Spending some time away from home is a good opportunity to talk, play games or reconnect away from domestic disturbances. Travelling as a group is a time to create some good memories as well. 

Forging new relationships
Travelling is a great opportunity to create new relationships. Many people have found love when they were on the road some have made very good friends in the different places they find themselves in. Business relationships can also be forged through interaction with other travellers, the opportunities are endless. This is true for children as well, most children make friends easily. This is a plus for them as interacting with children from a different race, or background can be a very enriching experience. 

Digging deep
Solo travelling is not very popular as most travel experiences are packaged for at least two people. However, travelling alone is a great opportunity for reflection. If one is looking for purpose, some inner peace, and so forth. Nowadays there are group trips such as Yoga retreats that encourage some soul searching exercises like meditation and so on. Nature walks, hiking, fishing trips in the remote national parks are just some of the peaceful activities one can embark on alone to get some personal time away from the bustling world.  

Get in touch with your inner child
When we travel there are so many leisure activities to choose from. Some activities we never have time for when we are at home and some activities we have lost interest in over the years. Take some time to travel and rekindle that sense of adventure from your youthful days. Get in touch with your inner child again when you go fishing, try out the bum-slide at Aberfoyle, or put those camping skills from your boy scout days to good use. Pass on a skill or two to your children or simply show them how exciting outdoor activities can be. 

Creativity boost
Travel is a good way to get a much-needed jolt to the brain. Being in one place can have a negative effect on creatives like songwriters, artists, novelists and so on. Being on the road again can boost creativity. A new environment helps to open the mind to new possibilities and new inspiration.

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