Top Three Reasons to Visit Hwange National Park

Hwange is not only a wildlife gem but also a birder's heaven.

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is a wildlife lover’s haven. The country boasts a number of national parks, each hiding a wonderful world of wilderness within its boundaries. For many, however, it is Hwange National Park that takes the crown as the most sought after safari destination in the country.



Hwange National Park

1.      Abundant Wildlife


Being Zimbabwe’s largest national park, Hwange is home to a breathtaking variety of wildlife, ranging from the gracious antelope to the impressive elephant. Watch a giraffe try munching off a high branch for a treat or see a cheetah sprint across the bushveld at an unimaginable speed. Hwange National Park has one of the highest animal diversities of any national park in the world.

The absence of permanent surface water is a significant feature of Hwange, which is why animals congregate at waterholes. Game viewing from a waterhole-based hide is an utterly unique safari experience. Hwange is one of the few remaining safari destinations that provides this opportunity for a close-up encounter with wildlife. Quietly creep into the Hide Safari Camp’s underground hideaway and observe a buffalo or a herd of elephants leisurely drinking a stone’s throw away from you. Game viewing from a safari hide makes you truly appreciate the raw essence of nature.


Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park has one of the largest populations of African wild dog left in the world. Seeing these rare, big-eared carnivores playing (or hunting) in their bushveld home is certainly a memorable experience. It is no surprise that spotting this uncommon animal is a top item on many travellers’ safari wish lists.

Hwange National Park

With over 400 species of birds recorded in its diverse ecosystem, Hwange is not only a wildlife gem but also a birder’s heaven. A game drive through the vast grasslands gives visitors a chance to spot many distinctive species. From the colourful Carmine bee-eater to the big and bold Southern ground hornbill and the long-feathered Racket-tailed roller, watching the Hwange bird life is simply an astonishing affair. 


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