Currency and Exchange


The currency now used in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar, it comes in $5 and $2 denominations at the moment and several coins (1c; 5c, 10c; 25c; 50c and 1 Dollar Pieces). In the major resort areas, tourists can still use the United States Dollars and South African Rand to pay for services. Visitors are encouraged to carry cash with them as banks may not be able to give out cash. However, International debit cards and credit cards are widely accepted in most restaurants, all the airports and for the payment of various services.  It is advisable to pay for accommodation and activities in advance.

There are frequent electricity cuts in Zimbabwe so it is always advisable not to totally rely on the ATM’s working.  Take care when drawing cash from ATM’s that no one suspicious is watching you especially after dark. Travellers Cheques are no longer cashed in at banks, they are treated like normal cheques and take up to 21 days to clear.

If you are a long term visitor one can register to use popular mobile money platforms which are offered by the main Telecoms Providers, Econet, Netone and Telecel so as to load up your account to use for smaller transactions. Ecocash, Telecash and One-money mobile platforms are very easy to use and the registration usually takes place within 24hours. Mobile money is safe and convenient and it will be handy for paying for services like Cab fares, access to some monuments or buying groceries in supermarkets which do not accept Foreign Currency. The platform can be used to send/transfer money to other individuals, buy Talk time or Data for your cellular phone.

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15% VAT is charged on everything, including meals purchased in Hotels and restaurants and a 2% tourism levy is charged on all tourism services.