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Zimbabwe is situated in Southern Africa on the northern border of South Africa and borders Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana. For a small landlocked country, Zimbabwe has plenty to offer, from the huge boulders of the Matobo Hills to rolling hills of the Eastern Highlands, and large game parks full of all types of wildlife, not forgetting Victoria Falls one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Zimbabwe has it all! Find out more about how to visit our beautiful country.

Zambezi Valley
Lake Kariba, in Zimbabwe, is a vast man-made lake stretching for over 5000 square kilometers. It is a very popular tourist destination in Zimbabwe, every year in October there is the annual tiger fish tournament held which attracts many fishermen to the lake. Houseboats are a popular way of seeing the lake, and are the ideal way to relax; fish, game, and bird view, and enjoy the peaceful and serene surroundings of the bush. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets over the lake at the end of the day. The Zambezi Valley stretches from Victoria Falls in the east, and then flows into Lake Kariba from there it goes into the Middle Zambezi which is famous for its fishing, especially tiger, and wildlife.

Wildlife such as hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants,s, and lions roam around the Zambezi ValleyMana Pools is a well-known park where there is a wide variety of game, and game walks and drives are very popular in this park. Canoe Safaris are one of the best in Southern Africa and are the ideal way to get up close to animals and nature.

There are many camps along the banks of the Zambezi River which give you the ideal opportunity to catch tiger fish whilst viewing the game as well.

Victoria Falls
The majestic Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders), are found on the Zambezi River, between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. They attract thousands of tourists every year, to walk in the beautiful rainforest and look at the scenic viewpoints of the falls, during the months of November to April (rainy season), you will get particularly wet and the sound of the falls will be almost deafening. Other attractions are bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge (111m high) and diving into the Zambezi River gorge or white water rafting below the fall in the rapids of the Zambezi River. For the non-adrenaline junkies, relax on a sundowner cruise above the falls or experience the flight of the angels giving you a stunning view of the falls from above.

Zimbabwe has a number of stunning golf courses to play on; in the Eastern Highlands especially there are the well-known Troutbeck and Leopard Rock courses that offer quite a challenging course, as well as some of the most breathtaking views. At the other end of the country in Victoria falls, Elephant hills is another course not to be forgotten, an 18-hole golf course designed by Gary Player, and not unusual to see warthog and even elephants on the course!! In Harare there are many well-maintained courses to choose from, making Zimbabwe a definite destination for any golfing enthusiast!

The World Heritage Site of Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Another interesting place to visit in Zimbabwe is the Great Zimbabwe  Ruins, found 30 kilometers past the southeastern town of Masvingo. These structures were built by the African people between AD 1250 and AD 1450 the stone walls, up to 6 meters thick and 12 meter high are built of granite blocks without any use of mortar to hold the blocks together. A historical site is definitely well worth a visit.

Chinhoyi Caves
These Caves are found near the town of Chinhoyi, on the road to Kariba approximately 125kms northwest of Harare. They are well worth a visit to see a huge shaft that is 30 metres across and 45 metres deep, once you have climbed down the stairs all the way to the bottom, there is a pool of brilliantly clear waters which is a very popular place for scuba divers to dive as the pool is very deep. There is a camping and picnic site, that makes for the perfect stop on the way to Kariba.

Mtirikwi Park
Lake Mtirikiwi is situated near Masvingo, the park is stunning surrounded by mountains, and provides a rest camp perfect for visitors to view the wildlife such as antelope, giraffe, buffalo, and hippo can be seen there, but the park is especially well known for the white rhino.

Flight Information
Zimbabwe has two international airports, the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport and the Victoria Falls Airport. Most International Flights to Zimbabwe come via Johannesburg in South Africa; these flights operate on a regular basis and come into either Harare or Victoria Falls. The most frequent big airlines that come into Zimbabwe are Emirates, KLM, and South African Airways. RwandAir is an African airline that flies into Zimbabwe four times a week. It is the only airline with direct flights between Harare and Capetown, South Africa. Proflight Zambia is another African airline that flies in Zimbabwe.   

British Airways and fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls every day. While Kuva Air FastJet, Air Zimbabwe, and Kenyan Airways fly into Victoria Falls several times a week. There are domestic commercial flights available between Harare and Bulawayo and Bulawayo to Victoria Falls on Air Zimbabwe.  No commercial flights operate to Kariba, Hwange, or the Lowveld, but private charter flights can be organized with companies such as Safari Logistics, Executive Air, Giles Raynor, and Halsted's Aviation Charters. These flights can be arranged from Harare to Hwange, Victoria Falls to Hwange, and Harare to Mana Pools/Matusadona or Kariba.   

International Airports   
Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport – (+263 0242) 575111
Victoria Falls Airport -     (+263 08328) 44665/44250    

N.B Please note that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic some airlines had stopped operations and they are slowly reviving routes as destinations have opened up at different times. From the 21st of September, 2020 domestic flights will resume. All updates on flights to regional destinations are to be made available shortly. 

For more information please contact us via email:                                                                           
Borders Opening times 
Beitbridge to South Africa     24 hours 
Victoria Falls bridge           0600am-10pm 
Kazungula to Botswana         0600am-8 pm 
Nyamapanda to Mozambique      0600am – 8 pm 
Chirundu – Zambia                0600am – 10pm 
Kariba – Zambia                  0600am – 10pm 
Regional Bus Destinations 
Harare’s Road Port Bus terminal Contact Tel: +263 242) 702828. (Cnr Fifth St & Robert Mugabe Rd)
Here you will find buses to regional destinations such as Lusaka, Zambia; Johannesburg, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc.
Local Bus Destinations - Buses to towns and cities within Zimbabwe leave from Mbare Musika Bus Terminal, which is south of the city.  

The easiest way to get a visa is to apply online for the visa; visitors collect and make the necessary payment at the border. Payments can be made in US dollars, South African Rand, Botswana Pula, GB Pound, and the Euro. Visitors can apply on the following website, All Visitors can also verify from the above website if their nationality requires that they obtain a visa only at the port of entry. The costs of the visa vary depending on your nationality. 

There are three options of visas available –
Single Entry – for staying in Zimbabwe only, Double visa if you want to leave Zimbabwe temporarily during your visit, and Multiple Entry visa if you are leaving and entering Zimbabwe more than twice. 
Prices/cost link to the Consular page. The visa takes up a whole page in your passport so make sure you have enough pages and that your visa is valid for at least six months.