Practical Matters

In Restaurants, generally, a 10% tipping system is expected; some places include the service charge in the bill.  For Taxis and concierge, it is entirely up to your discretion what you want to tip.

Local time is GMT + 2 hours.

Businesses are generally open five days a week, 8 am – 4.30 pm, with some open on Saturday mornings.  Supermarkets and Express Stores at Fuel stations are open 7 days a week, on average from 7 am – 7 pm, with some exceptions which are open 24hrs.

These are found in all town/city centres, open from 8 am – 4.30 pm Mondays – Fridays.
8 am - 1130 am on Saturday mornings.

We recommend when in Zimbabwe to either boil water or buy the bottled water to avoid any stomach problems while on holiday.  In all restaurants etc, hygiene is of utmost importance and it is completely safe to eat vegetables and salad without any problems. Most lodges and hotels offer bottled water in the rooms or else guests can order from the bar. 

When purchasing curios from vendors, it is always advisable to bargain with them, as they will start at their highest price.  In the shopping centres there are vendors who sell fruit, vegetables, sunglasses etc and again never accept the first price they give you. At Markets US$ cash is the most frequently used currency, although some will accept other currencies by persuasion.

Costs of Basic Items

The average cost of basic items (pegged in USD) 

Average lunch/dinner US$10 - $20, varies depending on the class of restaurant or hotel.

Breakfast - US$4-$8, Beer - $2, Bottled water - $1 (500mls) Wine - US$18-$20

Filter Coffee/Cappuccino - US$3

Fast Food – Pizza Large - US$8, Chicken/Hamburger - $4-6, Nando’s Half Chicken & Chips - US $11.30 

The currency now used in Zimbabwe is mainly the local currency, in resort areas the United States Dollars and South African Rand are also accepted but all priced are quoted in United States Dollars.  In Victoria Falls the Botswana Pula is also traded.
 US Dollars cash is preferred, but the International Credit Card is now widely accepted.
15% VAT is charged on everything, including meals purchased in Hotels and restaurants and a 2% tourism levy is charged on all tourism services.

Mon – Friday  0800 - 1500hrs
Saturdays  0800 - 1130hrs