What to Wear & Bring

Here is a basic guideline for items and clothing that is advisable to bring on your travels to Zimbabwe.  Some items will be supplied depending on where are you staying, although it is always to check that the place where you are staying provides important things such as mosquito nets.

Victoria Falls/Zambezi Valley/Kariba/Hwange and Lowveld Areas

Good pair walking shoes/Light slops/rafters

Mosquito repellent/Mosquito net (if not supplied)


Sun cream/Sun hat/Swimming costume

Light clothing/Long sleeved to protect from insects/mosquitoes at night

Bird Book/Game viewing book

Fishing rods & tackle/Worms (Buy on the road or ask to be supplied)

Basic Medical aid kit  ( malaria prophylactics, rehydrate, antihistamine, headache tablets, diarrhoea tablets, plasters)


Eastern Highlands (Chimanimani, Nyanga, Troutbeck, Vumba, Mutare)

Good pair of walking shoes for hiking/golfing/walking.

Raincoat/ Golf clubs

Trout fishing rod/Tackle

Tracksuit/light jersey for early morning & nights

Swimming costume/Suncream/Sun hat


Basic medical aid kit

Torch/Bird Books


Fishing Guidelines


Need a no 6 or 4 hook

1/5th to 3/8th sinker

9 pound line

Tiger – Kariba

Trace Kapenta 2/0 or 3/0 hook

Live bait – No 4/0

Zambezi River

Catch Chessa for live bait

5/0 hook

Birding Guidelines

Recommended Bird books


Robert’s Birds

Robert’s Multimedia

SASOL is the better field guide as Robert’s is very heavy.