8 Free/ Inexpensive Things To Do In Harare

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If you are visiting the city of Harare you will find that the city centre is not very big and most of the places of interest are on the periphery of the Business District or a short drive away. However, a city walking tour is a good way to get a feel of the place. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you still want to walk away with some appreciation of the people, culture and to enjoy some of the beautiful sights. Here are a few inexpensive activities to do:

i) The National Botanical Gardens – these are located just outside the city and they have lost their former glory but it is still a good place to visit to learn about the indigenous plants and herbs of Zimbabwe. In the Gardens are found over 700 species of local plant species and others from other parts of the world as well. A nominal fee is charged to gain access. 

ii) The National Gallery of Zimbabwe – You can visit the gallery to see various art pieces on display, paintings, sculptures, etc. It is open to the public on weekdays during the day. On some evenings, they have private exhibitions and functions which may attract an entry fee or require an invitation for admittance. 

iii) Free Jazz Workshop – This is held at the Nzou Arts Cultural Centre from 5 to 6 pm. There is a Jazz evening every Thursday which is open to all.  

iv) Harare museum – A nominal fee is charged to see the various exhibits. It is open Mondays to Saturdays. 

v) The Shona Sculpture Gallery – A visual arts gallery, Entry is free.

vi) Africa Unity Square – This is Park in the heart of the city, located right across the Parliament Building. There are beautiful gardens and park benches, visitors can sit and read feed pigeons or just enjoy some fresh air. Due to its central position, it is a thoroughfare used by many citizens going to work, or school or just taking a shortcut across town. There is a water fountain which makes the park a bit cheerful and during the festive season, the park is decked with Christmas lights. 

vii) Mukuvisi Woodlands – The Mukuvisi Woodlands is a wildlife centre and woodland preserve, it is home to various birds and animals. There are picnic grounds on the property and the centre also hosts many conservation events to educate the young in particular.  The woodlands are just a ten-minute drive from the city centre. 

viii) The Domboshava Caves - The Domboshava Caves are the perfect place for a day outing if you are in Harare. A place which combines some natural beauty, boundless outdoor space to stretch your legs and just far enough from the hustle-bustle of the Capital. Domboshava is a 30 minutes drive from Harare; the Hills are a historical and cultural monument. The Caves are located on a granite hill which features some impressive stone-age rock paintings. Fun activities to do include picnics, walks, curio shopping and hiking up the hill. A nominal fee is charged for entry.