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Golf is one of the many sports that have a decent following in Zimbabwe. The sport has often been associated with the affluent but its popularity is growing across the country as more and more people are exposed to the game. As is the case in other countries the sport is popular with executives but non-executives are also developing a keen interest as it is a light-sport one can play to keep fit. Golf was first introduced in Zimbabwe in the 19th century and one of the oldest golf courses was established in the late 1800s.

Fast forward 120 years later the country has more golf courses and there is a thriving Golf community. There is a lot of progress being made in developing the growth of the sport at a grassroots level, creating more opportunities for players to improve their game through tournaments and awareness drives. There are a number of golf courses dotted around the country where people can go to play golf. Some of these are in resort areas and tourists will find it an absolute bonus to enjoy a round when they are vacationing in Zimbabwe. 
Here is a quick list of places to consider for Golfing vacations or golfing weekends;

Leopard Rock - Vumba
The Leopard Rock Golfing Green is without a doubt one of the best golf courses in Zimbabwe. This 18-hole course offers an attractive view of the small lake, the mountains and the majestic castle as a delightful background. Tee off in style at this impressive course and enjoy the relaxed environment before sitting down to some refreshments at the club restaurant. The course is challenging but very rewarding. 

Elephant Hills - Victoria Falls
The Elephant Hills Resort is a popular hotel in the beautiful resort town of Victoria Falls. The resort offers an impressive 18-hole golf course which gives players a unique experience as they have the most unique onlookers. Wild animals like warthogs, impala and shy kudu often frequent the well-maintained course to nibble on the green grass.  The environment is tranquil and very relaxing and guests will love this unique co-existence of man and beast. (N. B None of the animals seen around the premises are predators).

Aberfoyle Lodge - Honde Valley
Aberfoyle Lodge is a stunning property located in the breathtakingly beautiful Honde Valley in the Eastern Highlands. It is surrounded by miles and miles of rolling plantations and lush forest. Aberfoyle is a self-sustaining eco-friendly resort which offers accommodation, relaxation, and educational trips for those keen to know more about the tea estate or explore the area. Among other recreational facilities, they offer a lovely 9-hole course for Golf and Putt-putt. 

Claremont - Nyanga
The Claremont Golf Club is an 18-hole course which is in the beautiful evergreen district of Nyanga in the highlands of Zimbabwe. This club is a popular leisure centre in the area. The club does not offer accommodation but guests staying in the nearby lodges, hotels are welcome to refer guests to come and play for a fee. Guests can look forward to beautiful scenery as well. 

Bulawayo Club
The Bulawayo Club is one of the oldest clubs in Zimbabwe. It is located close to the city centre. Bulawayo is a beautiful city with many historical buildings and sites. Tourists will love exploring the city as well.