Kariba In 21 Pictures

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Kariba is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Zimbabwe. The name Kariba comes from the name kariva which means little trap. The town of Kariba was established in 1957, It is popular because of the lake and the dam wall and other places of interest in the area. Kariba is in close proximity to Zambia, our neighbours to the north. 

Figure 1  - The Kariba Dam Wall – Lake Kariba is the largest lake in Zimbabwe and one of the prominent lakes on the continent

Figure 2 - Sunrise on the lake

Figure 3 - Cerruti Lodge - a family-friendly self-catering just outside Kariba Town

Figure 4 - Outdoor settings at Cerruti Lodges

Figure 5 - One of the houseboats you can charter on the lake; Navistar

Figure 6 - View from Kariba Heights, the highest point in the town.

Figure 7 - Another Houseboat, This is it a luxury vessel

Figure 8 - Lunch setting on This is It

Figure 9 - Lovely self-catering holiday home, Wild Horizon Lodges

Figure 10 - Church of Santa Barbara

Figure 11 - A Double room at Caribbea Bay Hotel

Figure 12 - The Hotel's sparkling pool

Figure 13 - Caribbea Bay Hotel

Figure 14 - Kariba Safari Lodge

Figure 15 - One of the chalets - Kariba Safari Lodge

Figure 16 - Cocktail Hour Spread KSL

Figure 17 - Karabezi - Ready to take guests on Sunset Cruise

Figure 18 - Karabezi Interior

Figure 19 - Kariba Town viewed from the Lake


Figure 20 - Curio Shopping

Figure 21 - Antelope Island