Reasons To Travel To Zimbabwe As A Senior

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While a lot of people travel solely for enjoyment, they unintentionally also broaden their horizons, relieve their daily stress levels and improve their general outlook on life.  travelling is good for our health and contributes to a longer life and more satisfying retirement. In terms of travel destinations, few can compete with the grandeur of the African continent and more specifically, Zimbabwe.​

Travelling holds countless benefits for seniors, and it is important to remember that it is never too late to embark on an adventure, especially one to one of the most glorious destination the African continent has to offer - Zimbabwe. Travelling can be as beneficial to one’s health as following a cancer-preventative diet may be, leaving you feeling less stressed and invigorated. Whether you are visiting a Zimbabwean National Park or visiting friends you are bound to enjoy every second spent in one of the most underrated destinations southern Africa has to offer.

Reasons Why Senior Travellers Should Visit Zimbabwe

Since inflation hit its peak back in 2008 and the US dollar was subsequently adopted, the Zimbabwean tourism sector has grown in popularity substantially. Since 2011 seasoned travellers started to return to the country with many others experiencing its wonders for the first time. Zimbabwe is a peaceful safari destination, making it particularly popular amongst seniors who are not always fond of large groups of vehicles and tourists crowding around animals and world heritage sites.

An Abundance Of Wildlife

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most prolific national parks on the African continent, many of which offer special rates for pensioners and are accessible by wheelchair. There is no need to actively seek out wildlife while on safari here as it’s literally right on your doorstep. In Linkwasha you can expect to be greeted by a herd of elephants while reading on the deck while Cecil Lion’s pride strolls in close proximity to your tent in Davison’s camp.  

You are almost guaranteed frequent sightings of the world-famous Big 5 during your trip but your animal encounters will not stop there. Zimbabwe is well-known for its bird life, featuring more than 600 species countrywide.  Even during the rainy season which generally lasts from November through to March the abundance and diversity of wildlife are unbelievable.

Exceptional Hospitality

While Zimbabwe may be best known for its wildlife, the natives deserve a mention too for their superb hospitality. Although Zimbabwe has been on the ‘safari map’ for more than 150 years the hospitality has remained timeless. You will not come across customer service more genuine than what you will experience here. The natives are extremely friendly which may be hard to comprehend at times especially since considering all the hardships the country had to endure. Regardless of whether you are conversing with a game guide over the grandeur of your natural surrounds or engaging in casual chit-chat with your servers while having lunch at Victoria Falls, staff and locals are always respectful, friendly and kind.

Value For Your Money

A safari to Zimbabwe won’t bankrupt you and you will be able to easily afford it, even on your pension. While a fully-fledged safari experience may be more expensive than the typical backpacking vacation a lot of youngsters engage in, Zim will come out tops compared to any African safari destination.

Heritage And Culture

It isn’t only the safari scene that is of interest to senior tourists. Zimbabwe also boasts glorious historical areas of mammoth importance. The ruined city of Great Zimbabwe along with the burial ground of Cecil John Rhodes attracts countless visitors every year, affording them a glimpse into the history of this beautiful and diverse country.
Zimbabwe is a hidden gem just begging to be discovered by adventurous tourists seeking a  closer look at one of the most beautiful and understated countries in the world. If you are serious about engaging in a truly authentic African safari experience, Zimbabwe should, without a doubt, be your destination of choice.