Shearwater Bridge Slide Experience

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A trip to Victoria Falls is incomplete if one does not go to visit the falls, but the second most important must-do item on the list is to find at least one High wire activity to do. Vic Falls is one of the few locations in the country offering visitors the chance to see the world from such crazy heights and get a real adrenaline shot. I had an awesome experience on the Bridge Slide on a recent trip to Victoria Falls and must say it is one of the most mind-blowing, things I have ever done. 

We signed up with Shearwater, an activities facilitator in the resort town. They offer a wide array of activities for visitors who are out to spice their vacation. My friend and I both opted for the Bridge Slide and picking just one activity from the many options was not easy. They offer animal adventures such as Elephant Safaris, Water activities like Sunset cruises, White-water Rafting, Guided Tours of the Victoria Falls, Bungee Jumping, and so forth. Unfortunately, we only had one free afternoon to spare we could not do more. 

We had booked online before the trip and received confirmation and all the details beforehand.  However, while you are in the area on any given day booking for activities is simply a phone call away. A shuttle is provided to transfer clients to the Bridge, a service we greatly appreciated. However, guests are also welcome to make their way to the Bridge with their booking slips. This activity is done across the state line, that is the Zimbabwe/Zambia Border Post and the trip to the bridge itself is just fifteen minutes away. 

At the Zambian office, there was a registration exercise then, a short safety briefing. It was a quiet afternoon and we were the first guests jumping off, with no opportunity to observe someone else jump before us we nervously stepped close. I had knots in my tummy and secretly made a quiet prayer all the ropes harnesses were secure.  The attendant patiently explained the routine again as he secured me on to the slide,  a Go Pro Camera firmly secured in my hand I began the slide to the other end.

It was thrilling, being so high above the ground panic set in for the first 10 seconds, but then I found myself trying to take in all the sights. The view is absolutely priceless, the river flowing beneath and the old bridge looking so stately, the length of the gorge to the left and just as I was getting the hang of it I slid to the end of the line. A team will be waiting at the other end to receive you and direct you to a smooth and safe stop on the bridge landing. 

My friend took her turn and still giddy from the experience I almost forgot to look out and cheer her on. The good thing was that we had both successfully gone through. Afterwards, we went to collect our videos, and pictures and the crew efficiently prepared these in less than ten minutes. We made our way back on the shuttle which dropped us in town. The bridge slide was everything I imagined and more. A truly incredible activity that I absolutely recommend, we were so excited to walk away with the amazing pictures to show friends and loved ones at home.