Your Fishing Essentials for Diverse Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is blessed with natural diversity. The animal safari is most often spoken about but behind that layer is a huge and gloriously diverse fishing scene. Across the country’s great lakes and waterways, there are - according to UN estimates - 114 different species of fish to get your hands on. With the breathtaking scenery created by the plateau and its drop faces the country straddles upon, fishing enthusiasts can be sure of a great catch and some wonderful scenic memories.

No fishing trip should be undertaken lightly, however. A poorly planned trip will, at worst, result in a bad day out - at worst, it can be hazardous. Taking a few measured steps before you travel to the water will make sure you have a trip to remember.

Your fishing equipment

Your equipment is the first and most important bit of planning you need to undertake before a fishing trip. For a beginner, you’ll need a rod, spare line, bait, sinker and something to cover yourself in case of rain. As you become more experienced and establish what you like to catch, you can trial new pieces of equipment and see what works well for you. You also need to make sure you have the proper permissions - this is important, as the government don’t take illegal fishing lightly. Ensure you’re able to produce paperwork and you can continue on in your happy way.

Where to head out to?

Zimbabwe has vast waterways that can make choosing a place to fish in difficult. It’s unlikely that’ll you’ll find somewhere that’s outright bad for fishing, but each area does have its own strengths. Zimbabwe fishing enthusiast Odette Lind recommends the famous Lake Kariba for sport-fishing of the long-toothed Tigerfish. This is an excellent opportunity for those who like to intensively fish, and have a big catch at the end of the day to show off.

Elsewhere, following the river to Limpopo or Pungwe can yield a huge diversity of fish as the watershed takes place. You’ll do well on any waterway, but bear in mind the larger lakes are less diverse whereas rivers, which are active between October and May, have more variety. Fishing in these areas can bring a wealth of natural scenery; in terms of the actual fishing experience itself, the diversity in species tends to those who are a little more casual with their hobby and are tended towards finding new things.

Planning for the weather

The other factor that should be taken into account both for equipment and choice of location is the weather. During hotter times of the year, certain waterways are depleted and won’t yield a great amount of fish. Furthermore, the heat can cause dehydration - so pack more water. Conversely, storms intermittently hit Zimbabwe and can cause dangerous conditions in the water, despite the benefitted catch. Keep your eye on the news and plan accordingly.

Zimbabwe is an excellent fishing destination, both for beginners and seasoned veterans. With one eye on the weather, pick a location that matches your personality and style of fishing. As long as you have the right kit in hand, you’re bound to have a great experience.