Best Hiking Trails In Zimbabwe

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Hiking is one of the many exciting outdoor pursuits Zimbabwe has to offer. Hiking is a great way to see nature’s best particularly the diverse flora up close, butterflies, the geological profile of a place, as well as the not so obvious features like springs and caves. We love hiking because at greater altitudes it gives you a bird’s eye view of some of Zimbabwe’s best locations. It is well worth the climb for views like these.
Here is our pick of the best Hiking trails in Zimbabwe:

Turaco Trail 
The Turaco trail is one of the best hiking trails in Zimbabwe and also known as the most challenging. It is found in Nyanga within the Nyanga National Park in the area close to Mutarazi Falls. The trail can take up to three days to complete. It takes hikers through a series of breathtaking views including the Pungwe gorge, the Nyazengu Falls and much more. The trail passes through spectacular views as participants enjoy the changing ecosystems found in this area. A lot of preparation and practice is required for this one!

Chimanimani Mountains
The Chimanimani Mountains sit on Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique. It is a broad mountain range which also boasts of some challenging peaks. These mountains are also found within a national Park and because the little town is not easily accessible because of poor road networks and its sheer distance from the main urban centres the area does not have a lot of tourist traffic. Hikers will find the remoteness is a plus because the area is an untouched paradise. The highest point is called Monte Binga which is 2,436m high; it can be accessed in a 2-day trial. There is a mountain hut where hikers can take a breather overnight. Hikers can look forward to montane forest and animal sightings here and there as well as birds and butterflies. 

Vumba Mountains
The Vumba Mountains are in the eastern highlands province of Manicaland. They are easily accessible as they are only a 30-minute drive from the city centre (Mutare). Hiking in these mountains can easily be a day trip.
Matobo Hills 
The Inanke Hiking trail is one of many hiking trails found within the Matobo Hills. The Matobo Hills is an area comprising a series of granite kopjes found to the south-west of Zimbabwe. The Inanke Trail is a 12-kilometre hike. Inanke is the name of the cave where the trail ends. Along the way and hikers can look forward to some rock paintings, encountering some streams and some bushy tracts. There are also several ancient grain bins dotted within the park which are a remnant of local tribes who lived here long ago. An experienced guide will be able to point these out. The trail is found within the national park and animal sightings are common and some common ones are impala, rock dassies and black eagles. 

Chizarira National Park
Chizarira is one of the least known wildlife parks in the country although it is the third-largest in Zimbabwe. The park sits on the tip of the Zambezi escarpment. It is rugged and remote but offers some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the country. Chizarira has some notable ridges which offer spectacular views, there are many trails. One of the popular sights is Mucheni Gorge and Tundazi is one of the formidable peaks hikers will love. For the best experience, hikers should camp within the park.