Our Victoria Falls Hotel Experience

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On a recent trip to Vic Falls I was beyond tickled to spend a night at the hotel, only having once made a stop at their restaurant it was a great chance to settle in and have complete tour of the grounds, and become familiar with the various amenities they offer. After a weeklong business trip with my colleague, this was the last stop and it turned out to be a splendid way to crown the week. We arrived around mid day and were pleased by the warm welcome from cheery staff at every turn. 

Presenting our reservation at the main desk we were whisked away to the correct check in area for our room, the Stables Signature Wing. Guests staying in this wing are entitled to a private check in a comfy welcome lounge. Our concierge gave us a quick rundown of all the need to know info whilst highlighting the privileges.  The Stables is an extension of the hotel whose deluxe rooms were built later than the original rooms. They are spacious and carry several modern features but the underlying yesteryear theme is very evident. The entrance way had a lovely patio and the ornate curved staircase looked like something out of an Elizabethan era mansion. 

The room furnishings were exquisite, with a teak armoire and desk, two luxurious beds, an elegant settee and armchair. There were a few pieces of subtle artwork plus a television set which looked like the odd one out in this antiquated ensemble. The bathroom was a clever mix of two worlds with a spacious urban shower and a Victorian era bath plus an elegant basin. We both loved every bit of the room and the lovely view of the gardens was a bonus. Ours was a first floor room which also had a view of the courtyard with a mini garden. 
We settled in and then made our way to the grand tour of the hotel. As we walked down the halls each wall was adorned with little bits of historic moments from the early days the British settled in the Victoria Falls area, the construction of the bridge, grand opening of the hotel and other milestones. There are some beautiful pieces of the artists’ impression of the Falls at the turn of the 20th century and so many dated photographs capturing past royal visits to Africa and Rhodesia.

It was lovely to see the fitness centre, beauty salon, chapel, Larry Norton Gallery, the Swimming Pool, The Bulawayo Room, the Jungle Junction restaurant and the Gift Shop. We also got a chance to take a peak of the deluxe rooms, Presidential suite and executive suites. Each section of the hotel unique and elegant; the accommodation options are varied one truly can visit the Hotel again and again sampling a different type of room for a unique experience.

We stepped out after our tour to go for activities and only returned in the late afternoon. After a long and eventful week it felt good to just relax and appreciate the hospitality. We received a welcome fruit basket after checking in and much to our delight a bubbly hostess came in later with monogrammed complimentary gifts, a sweet gesture indeed.

The hotel offers several dining choices for its guests and my colleague and I opted for the Jungle Junction restaurant for Dinner. This outdoor option came highly recommended as there was a special show for diners. We had made a reservation earlier and enjoyed the quiet evening walk from our room, to find the entertainment had just kicked off.  Dinner was served buffet style, an interesting fusion of local cuisine and select international dishes. 

The entertainment was an array of traditional dance performances from various tribes including Nyau, Shangaan, and the Makishi dancers. The performance is a pantomime of sorts with elaborate costumes such as the dancing crocodile. It was very lively indeed and many of the foreign guests were clearly impressed.
Waking up the next morning it was a glorious sunny day and what a restful sleep we both had. There were no mosquitoes making a nuisance and the room temperature was just perfect. The sun streaming in after pulling the blinds was also splendid.

Breakfast is served at the Jungle Junction and we made our way down rather early as we had some unfinished packing to attend to. The meal was lovely, buffet as well and we sat under the outdoor umbrellas while enjoying the lovely view. Returning to our room straight after, we hastened to leave in time to catch our flight back to Harare. Thus ended our short and sweet stay, it was an incredible experience and we had nothing but glowing remarks, the Victoria Falls Hotel truly is an outstanding establishment!