Camping Essentials - Items To Pack For Your Camping Trip

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Every traveller knows a trip away from home requires you to prepare by packing what you will need, possibly need and any other items you cannot do without. A camping trip is no different however in its strictest sense camping is meant to be a trip whereby you leave all the comforts of home for a stress-free (technology free) retreat. The objective of camping is to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. 

Here is a list/Packing guide for some camping essentials. The list is by no means exhaustive but we hope it is a starting point. 

- Camping tent –  
- All Set Up Equipment
- Sleeping Bag/ One Per Person
- Extra Blankets
- Pillows
- Protective Tarp Or Canopy For The Tent

- Portable cooker; Gas/Gel Stove/Paraffin etc
- Firewood
- Charcoal
- Fuel for the stove
- Cooler box
- Matches
- Table
- Knife
- Cutting board
- Large Water bottles + drinking water
- Pots / Frying pan
- Plates/bowls
- Can Opener
- Cups/mugs
- Cutlery
- Cooking spoons
- Multipurpose containers – lunch boxes
- Trash bags
- Dishwashing soap/liquid
- Large kitchen dish
- Dish towels/paper towels

- Toilet paper
- Bath soap
- Towels
- Wet wipes
- Toothbrush & toothpaste
- A Pail/Bucket

- Good pair walking shoes/Flip-flops/Rafters OR Crocs
- Swimwear
- Light clothing/Long-sleeved to protect from insects/mosquitoes at night
- Sleepwear 
- Tracksuit/light jersey for early morning & nights
- Raincoat
- Sun hat & sunglasses

- First Aid kit
- Camera
- Binoculars
- Power bank
- Extra batteries
- Mosquito repellent/ Mozzie spray
- Map of the area
- Torch
- LED Lights
- Extra torch batteries