Best Wedding Proposal Locations

  • Wishes & Dreams
Bring in the wow factor by making her dream come true. If she has always talked about how romantic a Lake front/beach proposal is, find something similar. Zanzibar is a bit  far but think along these lines, Binga, Kariba.
Places to look into include Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Masumu River Lodge, Caribbea Bay Resort
P.S You will score points for being attentive.

  • Get Help And Jazz It Up.
If your partner has always been fond of a simple location like a hilltop, Park or a simple location you frequent for lunch these make great locations.  For the proposal go the extra mile by throwing in a fancy picnic set up, some decor, romantic props etc. Get someone strumming a guitar as you approach and make it exciting. Get creative. There are a number of event venues who are organizing such private moments beautifully. For example, Wild Geese Lodge

  • A Two For One Special
Cleverly plan your proposal into a vacation, special event or holiday such as Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary. Plan it in such a way that it’s a birthday weekend trip and plan ahead with the Hotel or Lodge to help you throw this surprise. Other places to consider - Victoria Falls Hotel, Singita Pamushana

  • Involve Family
When considering to pop the question in front of friends and family there are many moving parts in this production. Some families have an annual tradition to go on vacation together. This could be an ideal time with all the people who matter most present. Do make sure you have sought the Parents' blessing (observe all protocol) and entrust only a few people with the secret. It is wise to get the timing right so speak to the lodge manager or hotel staff to give you the cue when people are gathered together.
  • Private Affair
Next we go to the other extreme, proposing with no audience. You may be the shy type and you want to look into your partner's eyes without worrying about all the people standing by watching. A dinner date setting is still perfect. The idea of proposing over a special dinner may sound ordinary to some but as I said before the place matters. Try high end locations. If you have never gone out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, read up on the 5- star or upmarket eateries in your area. In Harare some great places to consider Alo Alo Restaurant and
the Oak Tree Restaurant.

  • Landmark Beauty
Backdrop is everything when you want to capture special moments on video or film. Zimbabwe is full of gorgeous places that will add that special factor to any proposal moment. Here are some stunning locations to consider - Worlds View Nyanga, Kariba Heights, Victoria Falls,  Mutarazi Skywalk, Matobo Hills Lodge and Vumba.
These are just a few ideas you can work with as you plan. Remember to put some thought into it.

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